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Perf manufactures personal protective gear and protective safety equipment for worksites, such as Footwear, Head Protection, Hand Protection, Workwear and Fall Protection. Our range of footwear and other personal safety equipment is designed to be effective in a range of conditions from extreme to normal work environments…

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We do not just create products, we craft solutions that protect the true heroes of our society


Best-in-class premium, personal and protective safety gear. Using only the finest quality materials, crafted into superlative designs, the Italian brand, which has made a debut into India, equips worksites with best-in-class products.

A prestige brand with 40 years of expertise, Lemaitre is Headquartered in France, with a manufacturing outfit in Alsace and an international presence in 80 countries, Lemaitre specializes in safety footwear. Lemaitre products assure unquestionable reliability and performance on the strength of the company’s technology prowess.

Ultimate value-for-money, without any compromise on functional capabilities, Safetix offers a range of smartly priced, high quality shoes. Primarily a prosumer (pro-consumer) brand, Safetix is the sensible choice for bulk purchases of shoes that demand quality, durability, suppleness, strength and comfort, while in use.

Focused on innovation and quality, ATG designs, develops and manufactures gloves that enhance the performance of the most sophisticated work tool, the hand. Dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and post washed prior to packaging, the gloves are skin friendly, extremely comfortable and highly durable.

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Plot No. 19, Sec - 90, Noida - 201304, Dist. Gautam Buddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. (India)

Email - Info@perfitalia.com

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A team of experts that have a vision, not just making shoes but creating solutions.


We make safer workplaces for our customers


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