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Protective Footwear

Safety Standards

We employ all our expertise and know-how to guarantee your safety, in line with all the current standards.

What are these European standards?

We manufacture two types of shoes:

Safety footwear that meets standard EN ISO 20345

Occupational footwear that meets standard EN ISO 20347

95% of the shoes we make come under the safety footwear category, with a 200 J protective toecap that protects the front of the foot against the risk of crushing. Occupational footwear has no protective toecap. Every new model in the footwear range is systematically sent to the Centre Technique du Cuir de Lyon (CTC, Leather Technical Centre), where it is tested and certified.

Raw Materials Selected With Care

Our Research & Development teams put great care into selecting the raw materials used in our shoes. This exactingness applies both to leathers and to textile materials.

Hallmark feature is the use of thicker leathers. This ensures our collections are sturdy and hard-wearing over time.

The leathers we use are premium full grain leathers, selected with the greatest of care. Our leathers are tanned from hides from the very best origins (calfskin or buffalo skin) and are usually taken from the part of the hide where the fibres are the densest and strongest, the bend.

We provide a wide range of finishes on all our collections to offer a natural, elegant look, sturdiness and breathability. Certain models are also made with famous brand materials: Sympatex for breathable, waterproof linings, Vibram for innovative technology in order to offer high tech quality that is tried and tested outside the safety world.

Vibram Sole

Higher rubber profile for extreme conditions

Water-resistant and heat-resistant

PSD additional footbed

Metropolis Sole

Flat sole for better stability

Optimal anti-slip performances

PU/TPU material

E-Lite Sole

Maximum stability

Increased coefficient of slip resistance

PSD insert

How to make the right choice?

To choose the right shoe, you need to take account of a number of different parameters:

The work environment (indoors or outdoors)

The specific conditions (heat, cold, clean or dirty floors, type of terrain)

The risks the wearer is exposed to (crushing, slipping, electrocution, etc.)

Protective Toecaps

Our aim is to ensure your safety: that is why we select the toecaps we use with care.

They protect you against impacts of 200 Joules, which is equivalent to a 20 kg load falling from a height of one metre, and against crushing with a force equivalent to 1500 kg.

The toecaps we use are certified to European standards and tested regularly in our own measurement and test laboratory.

We use 4 types of protective toecaps in designing our products,
depending on their composition:

Innovative Technology

PSD Footbed

Expanded 10mm PU 10 nun insole, covered with antibacterial fabric.

Shield Pro

Non-magnetic, puncture resistant composite fabrics plate.

It is 40% lighter and more flexible than steel plate and at the same time guarantees an optimal protection covering 100% of the foot surface.

B Dry

Extremely breathable polyamide lining. It absorbs moisture quickly and ensures a greater comfort during the whole working day.

Optimal resistance to abrasion and anti-bacterial.

Top Defence

Non-magnetic toecap, from composite materials. 50% lighter than steel.

Parabolic Technology : For Grip And Dynamic Comfort

Grip: The concave structure allows for progressive deformation of the sole, thereby optimising its grip.

Dynamic comfort: With each step, the energy is absorbed and released again to create a springy effect that reduces fatigue.

Choice of soles: The concept is available on different types of technical soles.

Duo Protection Technology: An Innovative Anti-Puncture Solution

This exclusive Lemaitre patent guarantees you enhanced protection against construction rebars thanks to a double insert: stainless steel + high tenacity composite textile.

Developed by Lemaitre with and for the construction sector, this solution protects you from sharp edges on construction sites.

Performance exceeds the requirements of ISO 20345

Resistance greater than 2000 N for a truncated 4.5 mm spike

Combined benefits of high tenacity and stainless steel textile inserts: 100% reinforced protection of the sole of the foot.

This technology optimises safety performance in the most extreme construction site conditions.

Hand Protection

PERF/ATG a names that reminds of the essence that inspired everything

We aim, via use of our technology platforms, to combine comfort and worker acceptance with performance and safety features. We have also recently added a “well being” technology platform that takes care of your hands during and after work.

ATG®’s technology platforms are continuously developed by a core team that matches market research and marketing analysis with the latest technological developments. This forms the foundation upon which we continually improve the customer’s experience through constant innovation.

Our products include technologies that follow one of the three themes:




These technologies are used individually or collectively to provide you with the glove that is guaranteed skin-friendly thanks to our partnership with the Skin Health Alliance.

All our gloves are designed to last and can be laundered to ensure that we are able to maintain our commitment to you of “value for money”.

Comfort Platforms

Performance Platforms

Longer use saves you money

DURAtech® is a technology platform that makes gloves last longer. Why? Because long-lasting gloves simply makes good economic sense but it’s not all about the durability. It’s also about making sure your gloves are fresh and clean so we’ve designed our gloves so they can be laundered. That way you’re able to make full use of the outstanding durability offered.

For protection against oils, liquids and chemicals

The LIQUItech® barrier has been designed to safeguard you. It’s characterised by an industry leading coating technology, unique to ATG®, delivering lightweight, flexible coatings applied to very fine gauge seamless knit liners, with various coating weights. The combination of coating and seamless knitting technologies can be engineered to provide liquid repellence, along with low and high level chemical resistance, while retaining superb levels of comfort not normally associated with liquid repellent and chemical resistance gloves.

Norms and Regulations for Gloves


Category I:

Manufacturer’s documents.

Category II:

Manufacturer’s documents, Certification via notified body.

Category III:

Manufacturer’s documents, Certification via notified body, Quality assurance according to article 11 point B of Directive 89/686/EEC under the supervision of the notified body.

Did You Know?

MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ achieves 18,000 abrasive cycles according to the EN 388 abrasion standard test method making it exceptional value for money.

Head Protection

Evolution of Y-ShieldTM Safety Helmet

Designed for Performance, Engineered to Excel

Setting a new Benchmark in protection

Y-ShieldTM product development was done from scratch using high-end design and engineering tools while simulating product manufacturing, end-use criteria & standards based requirements.

Exhaustive product studies and benchmarking is coupled with customer needs - result is several patented technologies and innovations that benefit the end-user; be it 3D-Adjustment or new mechanisms of faster adjustments, Or be it extensive CAE for simulating impact performance for safety and reliability.

Quality and Durability

with industry leading features

Choice of Patented* Adjustment Systems

Choice of slip ratchet type, push button type & rotary ratchet type

Designed for Performance, Engineered to Excel

Drect-S is a simple and reliable slip-ratchet mechanism adjustment that makes a very economical solution to a safety helmet sizing and retention needs. This adjustment system is available in industry standard, light gray colour along with 8-point supported black coloured webbings.

Xprss.PTM Adjustment System

Xprss-P is a unique push-button operated adjustment that makes extremely fast adjustment possible in a single operation of hands. The adjustment terminal for sizing the helmet headband to user's size is pulled and forms a ratchet with the release mechanism, instantly self-locking itself at the required headsize and tightness. This adjustment system is available in unique, light blue colour scheme and coupled with 8-point supported and matching coloured webbings.

Innovative Aesthetics and Styling

Patented* User Centric Helmet Shell Design

Y-Shield products encompass state-of-the-art fluidic design, optimised for not only performance but also ease of use, operation and maintenance. Smooth curves and continuity allow easy cleaning. Even holding and grip has been made for easy handling. The styling features an arch shaped front blended to the rear in Y-shape.

The form of the shell also exhibits peripheral reinforcements that feature stepped styling for exception. The design of helmet outer shell is such that it not only performs its expected function of impact deflection and distribution, but also uniquely spread the impact deflection and distribution to minimise their effects in the direction of the headform from considerations of a vertical or a directional impact situation. Therefore, it aims to perform better the energy absorbing function due to an innovative styling and such features of
Y-shaped design in the energy absorbing region of the helmet.

Orbit-R® Adjustment System

Efficient Ergonomics for Comfort

Patented* User Centric Helmet Shell Design

Orbit-R® is a premium rotary-ratchet system with a precision mechanism for ease of use, reliability & ergonomic enhancements. It has a 4-way balanced ratchet system operating mechanism, with patented* design & unique alignment of gear locking arms for a well balanced force in both directions, enabling easy size adjusting movement of headband terminals on both sides.

Further, it features a 2-step assembly of housing for reliability and includes an ergonomic, industry first, unique design of 7-point operating lever for adjustment and wrap-around terminals. Additionally, it enhances the usability with a precise movement and unique pitch of each adjustment step.

This adjustment system is available in unique, RAL5019 equivalent "Capri-blue" colour and coupled with 8-point supported and matching coloured webbings.

PERF Face Shield System

(With Polethylene Face Shield)

Perf Face Shield System is a combination of safety & style which ensures 180 degree safety of your face from airborne & splash. Also ensures easy reasonable distance from your face to maintain breathing.

Key Features

Compatible with PERF goggle series

Helps protect the eyes and face against certain impact and chemical hazards

Anti Fog coated face shields

Stable and robust replaceable face shields




Risk of Splash

Hospital and Pharma

Use and storage

Temperature range for usage: -5°C – +55°C

Recommended storage conditions: -20ºC - +55ºC, <85% humidity

Recommended maximum shelf life: 5 years

Use limitation

Never modify or alter this product

Do not use this product against hazards other than those specified

Refer to the relevant user instruction for further information

How to

Assemble and adjust your Face Shield

Regular Fit

Extra Space









Industrial Heavy Duty Face Shield

SCUT Series





Polycarbonate t=0.8mm


Elastic band




CE EN 166 F -2001









Polycarbonate t=0.8mm


Elastic band




CE EN 166 F -2001





Face Shield Design features

Designed Erogomically, High Quality safety and Comfort.

Excellent Opical Quality.


Replaceable Polycarbonate Visors with PC screws.

Adjustable Head Elastic high quality Elastic Band.

High Impact Resistance, light weight.

Comfortable hygienic sweat band, can be cleaned, sanitized.

Lightweight and unique design

Fits over most face shield

Ratchet adjustment headgear

7 position harness strap adaptable to any head size

3 position crown angle adjustment


The Human Eye

The Cornea

in direct contact with external environment, plays an essential part on the transmission of light rays. It is the structure of the human body which has the highest tactile sensibility.

The Pupil

(light controller), situated in the middle of the iris, works like the diaphragm of a camera. Its diameter changes in accordance with the luminosity.

The Lens

allows focussing (near vision, far vision) thanks to a control muscle. With age, this muscle loses power and impacts near vision (presbyopia). The lens can lose its transparency due to exposure to IR (infrared light) and UV (ultraviolet light), resulting in loss of vision (cataract).

The Retina

where all light beams converge, transmits all information through the optic nerve to the brain in order to create your vision. Burned retina cells are lost forever which causes irreversible loss of vision.

Industrial hazards for the eyes:

Facts on eye damage:

Every day more than 600 workers worldwide suffer from eye injuries simply because they do not wear protective eyewear.*

HF 602-Clear

Safety Goggles for Splash

Product description

Perf Splash Resistant Goggles is equipped with unique non reversal vent which protects your eyes from splash and keeps your eye area dry from moisture by circulating air around


SNR 25dB

Three flange framework ergonomically fits ear canal

Reusable & easily cleanable

Made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)- adaptable to different temperature & humidity

With cord

Embedded steel ball for automated detection - optional

Available with hygiene box for EP-01 - optional

Coming soon!...


There are a lots of standards and norms regarding protective garments. Every country has its own method of approaching these standards.

There have been efforts to unify these standards towards International Standards. The latter are becoming the reference guidelines regarding standards and norms for protective garments. However, some countries (e.g. USA) still prefer to use their own standards.

The four most important institutes issuing standards and norms are:


International Standards Organization (International)


International Electrotechnical Commission (International)


American Society of Testing and Materials (USA)


National Fire Protection Association (USA)

We give you a brief overview of the most important standards regarding your advanced protective garments.

We encourage you to remember the following when considering Flame Resistant products: Check that all garment components and layers (including interior layers of winter liners) that may be exposed to flame are truly flame resistant.

Verify that the product has been tested to an appropriate apparel test, and note:

Perf products are manufactured in compliance with safety standards recommended by these organisations:

ASTM F1891-12

ASTM F2621

Research & Development

The Team

When working to create the perfect safety footwear, you need to take care of every single detail. To increase resistance and flexibility, improving stability, giving more protection to users in every condition and working environment. We do not see less important details, we only see elements to be improved.

For us, the aesthetical features are extremely important too. With our know-how, we have combined the best Italian design and the latest technologies for an excellent result in terms of quality and novelties.

Vibram Sole

Higher rubber profile for extreme condition use

Water-resistant upper and heat-resistant sole

PSD additional footbed

Metropolis Sole

Flat sole for better stability

Optimal anti-slip performances


E-Lite Sole

Maximum stability

Increased coefficient of slip resistance

PSD lnsert

Positive Schock Device Technology

Optimal absorption of strains on the vertebral column thanks to the use of expanded PU, combined with memory effect and concaved surface.


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