Flagship brand of the 25-year-old Rahman Group. Perf manufactures personal protective gear & occupational safety equipment for worksites.

Perf manufactures personal protective gear and occupational safety equipment for worksites, such as Footwear, Head Protection, Hand Protection, Workwear and Fall Protection.

Fast Facts

Perf manufactures personal protective gear and occupational safety equipment for worksites. Our range of footwear and other personal safety equipment is designed to be effective in a range of conditions from extreme to normal work environments.

We cater to customised requirements of various clients, domestically and across the globe and our products have been used extensively by the army, special forces, navy and other paramilitary forces. With our international presence, we have ventured from being a specialist in protection gear, work-wear and army garments to manufacturing comfortable and durable footwear for all reasons and all seasons.

All our products are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and crafted using innovative premium-quality materials. To ensure quality and reliable inputs, we are fully-integrated across the value chain, with our own manufacturing units for a spectrum of backward-linked inputs.

Our products, some of which have been ISO certified for the past 25 years, all bear only the most credible international certifications.

With cutting-edge production technology and cherry-picked international designs, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our products. Using technology and extensive research and development, we hold the principles of internationalisation, differentiation and distinctiveness as our Group mission, across markets.


Perf finds its purpose through Passion, Performance and Product.


We seek perfection from start to finish, from engineering and design details to production processes and final product


We constantly set performance benchmarks and then breach them through R&D, innovation and experimentation


We do not just create products, we craft solutions that protect the true heroes of our society


The last three decades have been dedicated to building strong foundations for Rahman Group brick by brick: from infrastructure to technology, from solid relationships with employees to market acceptance. We are now poised to take the next giant leap to establish ourselves as a leader in leather industry.

Retaining our leadership through growth as a consequence of customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We do aim to achieve and maintain all international quality standards and be duly certified by recognised authorities.

To achieve our vision, the framework for quality inputs, and processes is in place, and is constantly monitored and upgraded. Rahman Group aims to constantly improve the quality of its products by fulfilling its customers’ expectations.


Leverage cutting-edge technology to create solutions that make workplaces safer and people@work more productive yet comfortable.



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